Anonymous asked:

Hahahahahahahahahhahahaha I went to school with you and you think you're all punk and shit you're fucking nothing

queer-punk answered:

Hahahahahaha con-fucking-gratulations. You can hide behind an anon button and send ~*anon hate~, wow you are so smart!!! You can try to hurt someone’s feelings by sending a half assed lil insult cause you’re bitter.

Let’s check the facts here:

-you’re hiding behind anon so you’re opinion automatically means nothing
-you called me ‘nothing’ when literally your message is one of hundreds
-I just don’t fucking care what you think. Like, you went to school with me? Cool? Okay? Whatever?
-I have plenty of people who love and care about me and that is proven in my daily life, which you know nothing about, and it can also be proven by the messages I get on here
-basically this message was a waste of your time and the answer was sure as hell a waste of my time
-you gave me a good laugh, so thanks hun


Now that is one of best put downs to stupid pointless anon hate…. Nice one queer-punk